Joan HoldenFrom left: Parks & Recreation Supervisor Patrick Tyrrell, Supervisor Ed LaVigne, Joan Holden and her family Jeff Holden, Vicki Holden, Deb Beyea, Kristen Beyea

The Lansing courtroom was packed Wednesday with friends and family who wanted to be there when the Town Board passed a resolution honoring Joan Holden for more than 20 years of service supervising youth employees at Myers Park.  Supervisor Ed LaVigne read the resolution, which was passed unanimously, and Parks & Recreation Supervisor Patrick Tyrrell presented a plaque that will be installed on the entry building in Myers Park.  LaVigne noted that Wednesday was also Holden's 90th birthday, and the room erupted in an enthusiastic rendition of 'Happy Birthday To You'.

"It is your birthday, right? And Joan, you've got to write a book cause you're 90 and you're, you look 65 if you, if that," LaVigne said. "So I don't know what you're doing, eating, smoking, chewing, but whatever you've got, you need to pass it around."

Holden thanked the Board surrounded by her family.

The Plaque displays a drawing of Holden and reads, "This building is dedicated to Joan Holden.  Our friend and mentor who guided Lansing Park youth employees for over 2 decades.  The best boss we ever had."

Myers Park Entry Building

The full text of the resolution reads, "WHEREAS, Joan Holden, a lifelong resident of the Town of Lansing, has been an essential and influential part of Myers Park for over twenty years; and

"WHEREAS, during those years, Joan managed Myers Park with her heart and soul. In addition to Joan creating work schedules, she spent many hours off the clock cleaning buildings, completing administrative tasks and always making sure things were running smoothly; and

"WHEREAS, the students who worked under Joan' s leadership, felt she was more than just a boss. Joan offered support, gave gifts of appreciation for a summer of hard work and attended many of their life celebrations. It is obvious why students refer to her as a 'legend'; and

"WHEREAS, due to her continued dedication, the daily operations were fine tuned and ran like clockwork. Joan is an iconic part of Myers Park and words cannot express our thanks for her many years of service to the Lansing Community. WHEREAS, upon a review and discussion of the matter, the Town Board of the Town of Lansing has hereby

"RESOLVED, that the Lansing Town Board expresses an appreciation for the commitment, dedication and service that Joan Holden made to our community, and dedicates the front entrance building at Myers Park in her name. This recognition will be etched on a plaque that will be placed on the building. The question of the adoption of such proposed Resolution was duly motioned by Councilperson Ed LaVigne duly second by Councilperson Joe Wetmore, and put to a roll call vote with the following results:

"Councilperson Doug Dake yes. - Councilperson Bronwyn Losey – yes. Councilperson Joseph Wetmore - yes. Supervisor Edward LaVigne - yes.

"Accordingly, the foregoing Resolution was approved, carried, and duly adopted on February 19, 2020."